3 Clever Ways To Use Pre-Cut Parchment Paper Sheets

3 Clever Ways To Use Pre-Cut Parchment Paper Sheets

Using parchment paper in the kitchen is truly an amazing tool. It can help simplify baking and keep you motivated to make more recipes. The most common way to use parchment paper is by lining a baking pan before baking cookies, but there are several other ways to utilize parchment! Here are three different ways to use parchment paper sheets.


1. Making Caramel Apples 

We all love caramel apples, especially around Halloween time. While caramel apples are tasty, they can get messy and sticky too. Be sure to place the apples on non - toxic parchment paper sheets after dunking them into the caramel. Put the caramel apples into the refrigerator until they harden, then simply remove the apples from the parchment and throw the paper away. That’s it, no need to scrape caramel off your baking pan!


2. Baking Fish

Did you know you can turn parchment paper sheets into a small pouch to cook your fish? Well yes, you can and it’s amazing! To get started grab one pre-cut sheet of 12 x 16 parchment paper, fold it in half then open it back up and put a piece of your favorite fish, herbs, and spices in the middle. Fold one side of the parchment over the fish and then fold over each side of the parchment until it’s closed. Bake the fish for the recommended time and that’s it! 


3. Disposable Plates

If you’re still tearing or cutting your parchment paper before use, then it’s time to ditch the roll... Using pre-cut unbleached parchment paper you simply only have to pull one sheet out of the pack and use it as a plate. After you're done, just throw it away.

Those are just a few of the many uses of parchment paper. If you’re looking for high-quality pre-cut unbleached parchment paper sheets try KALHOOF today!


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