4 Benefits of Unbleached Parchment Paper

4 Benefits of Unbleached Parchment Paper

Tinfoil and parchment paper are staples in just about every kitchen. They make cleanup easy and prevent food from sticking to a pan while in the oven. But there are downsides to the amount of parchment and foil we use in day-to-day life. Luckily, there’s an alternative: unbleached parchment paper.


You should be able to identify if parchment is bleached or unbleached by the color. While bleached is white, unbleached is brown. There are numerous reasons why you should make unbleached, non-toxic parchment paper sheets your go-to while cooking and baking. Here are some of the top benefits to consider.


1.      No Toxic Chemicals


You’d never want to consume anything that had any trace of bleach in it—but if you’re baking with bleached parchment paper, you’re doing exactly that. Bleached parchment paper can contain toxic dioxin. As the parchment heats while in the oven, some of that dioxin can seep into your food, only for you to consume it later.


Dioxin has been traced to some pretty serious health issues including problems with reproduction, hormonal issues, and even cancer. Dioxin can also last more than seven years in a person. So while you may not notice any health problems in the beginning, it could cause some later down the line.



Dioxin isn’t the only reason bleached parchment paper should give you pause. Quilon is a substance that you will often find coating your parchment paper to prevent sticking. But there are some serious concerns about Quilon as well. It contains the heavy metal chromium. Like with dioxin, when heat is applied, the chromium can seep into your food.


Manufacturers use Quilon because it’s cheaper than silicone which is the other typical non-stick surface—but at what cost? Because of the serious health concerns with Quilon, it’s not worth buying parchment paper for baking that has been coated with it.



Some people don’t use parchment paper very often but they still use alternatives like aluminum foil. That’s no good either! The most dangerous thing about using foil is that aluminum is a neurotoxin. While a very small amount of aluminum may not be harmful, there is some evidence of a link between consuming aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease.



No matter which of these things gives you pause, the bottom line is that unbleached parchment sheets are safer than any alternative out there. If you’re someone who generally makes an effort to limit putting chemicals and possibly toxic substances into your body, there’s no reason why you should still be using bleached parchment or tin foil when such an effective substitute exists.


Unbleached parchment is dioxin-free, Quilon-free, and aluminum-free. You can feel good about using it when cooking for your friends, family, or just yourself because you know exactly what’s in it—and, more importantly, what isn’t!


2.      Environmentally-Friendliness

Unbleached parchment paper is 100% biodegradable, making it the most environmentally-friendly option. While bleached parchment paper is somewhat biodegradable, the fact that it has chlorine bleach is problematic if it has been warmed. The worries lie in dioxin and all the health issues it can cause. While it’s technically biodegradable, it could release toxic chemicals into the environment.


Quilon is also a problem because it is not landfill-safe. On the other hand, silicone (the Quilon alternative in unbleached parchment) is.


3.      Easy Cleanup

While unbleached parchment is safer and more environmentally-friendly than its bleached counterpart, the paper still serves the same purpose as bleached parchment. It ensures your baked goods don’t stick to your pans and makes cleanup simple.


If you have something sticky like toffee and you don’t want it to directly touch your pans, just add a layer of unbleached parchment paper. This will keep your dishes safe so you aren’t left having to incessantly scrub and scrub. Cleanup will be so much easier because all you have to do is throw away your parchment paper.


When you’re baking items like cookies or cakes, sometimes there’s the fear that your hard work will stick to the dish, making not only cleanup difficult but also serving. No one wants to see their baked desserts break apart when attempting to remove them from the pan. Silicone-coated unbleached parchment paper is the perfect way to ensure you have mess-free baking.


4.      Top-Notch Performance

When you opt for unbleached parchment, you don’t have to choose between parchment paper that performs well and parchment that’s safe. You get all of the good things about parchment without any of the downsides. Unbleached parchment is water- and oil-resistant so you don’t have to worry about anything seeping into the paper and damaging its ability to perform. It won’t get weighed down by moisture.


You won’t have to worry about unbleached parchment having any negative impact on your cooking or baking. Your food will taste just as delicious, and you won’t have to worry about any of the nasty chemicals making their way into your favorite dishes undetected.


If you’re wanting to cook healthy, you probably don’t want to add extra butter or oil to your dishes to prevent your food from sticking. Even small amounts of fat can add significant calories to your recipes. When you’re using parchment, you can avoid this problem. Your recipes can be as healthy as you want them. Skipping the step of greasing also makes your recipes easier.


Lastly, unbleached parchment paper can withstand extreme temperatures. Unlike tin foil, it can also be microwaved, making it incredibly versatile.


Make the Switch to Non-Toxic Parchment Paper Sheets

If you’re ready to change your kitchen habits and turn to the wonders of unbleached parchment sheets, purchase yours from Kalhoof. Whether you’re baking your grandma’s famous cookies or experimenting with your brand-new air fryer, you can expect easy, no-mess cooking—the non-toxic way! Kalhoof uses 100% virgin wood pulp to make this parchment paper your best secret weapon in the kitchen. Because these sheets are double-coated with silicone, they also have superior non-stick capabilities.


Don’t continue to ask yourself the question, "Is unbleached parchment paper better?" and settle for bleached parchment when you know better. Order from Kalhoof today!


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