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Pre Cut Unbleached Parchment Paper Sheets 12" X 16"

Pre Cut Unbleached Parchment Paper Sheets 12" X 16"

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  • Non-Toxic
  • Double Silicone Coated
  • Water & Oil Resistant
  • Easy Clean Up


Our Pre Cut Unbleached Parchment Paper is made of 100% virgin wood pulp, which provides water and oil resistance. These unbleached parchment paper baking sheets will help simplify baking and provide a non-toxic alternative to other non-stick baking options. This is the perfect option for many of your baking needs. Line your cookie sheet or trays, baking pans, pyrex glass dish, cake pan, Air Fryer cupcake pan, and many other types of bakeware. Double silicone coating to ensure it’s non-stick capabilities.


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